I am Stefany Critelli. I live in Niagara Falls, NY, born and raised here! I teach 5th grade in the Niagara Falls City School district and love being a teacher. Teaching is a second career for me. I worked in Restaurant management for 17 years prior to teaching. So yes, that makes me old! I am 43, but feel like I am in the prime of my life. In addition to teaching, I am a spin instructor and have my Personal Training Certification from AAFA.

My family is the most important part of my life. My parents, well, there are no words to express how much they mean to me! I have 3 terrific sisters and seven nieces and nephews to be proud of as well.

It wasn’t that long ago that fitness, you could say was not part of my daily life! I used to be overweight and sedentary other than my job. I make the joke that 10 years ago my idea of a marathon was  12 hours of Lifetime movies!

I joined Weight Watchers in  January of 2002 and never looked back! I lost 70 pounds and changed my life. I even worked for Weight Watchers for a few years as a leader. About 4 years ago, I decided to start running or trying to run! I dabbled with a few 5k races and then started doing duathlons. I was so drawn to the multisport life that I decided to try my hand at triathlons. This was a bit of a problem as I am not a swimmer! I can swim in the backyard pool, but that’s about it. For a couple of years i worked my own training using books and the Internet. I also joined the Buffalo Triathlon Club, which was one of the best moves I made. I accomplished quite a few Intermediate distance tris and two half-ironman races on my own. I decided to join Train-This team when I chose to do a full Ironman. The best decision I made, hands down! Coach Mary Eggers has taken me to my goal…I am an Ironman!



  1. Look at you! You fancy, huh? You are! I am so proud to be your friend and one of your biggest fans! Thanks you for all you do for those around you to promote good health and fitness! You inspire all! Here’s to Placid!

  2. stefany,don’t print your blogs in white or torquoise they are to hard to read. love mom

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