Posted by: stefanycritelli | June 28, 2011

Lake Placid Camp




People often ask me, “Are you crazy? Why do you put yourself through that?” Of course they are referring to the wonderful world of multisports! Without hesitation, my response is always the same – because I love the challenge! It’s weekends like last week and this week that make it all worth it.

Lake Placid Camp  6/17 – 6/19

This was exactly what I needed! The fear of the unknown is now past. While I am still and will still be nervous as hell leading right up to race start, at least I have some confidence with the familiarity of the bike and run course. We did a recovery ride and a swim on Friday. Mirror Lake was beautiful and serene. I know in 27 days it will be total chaos but I now have a mental image of how it was then and I will use that to get me through the mass chaos!

Saturday I rode two loops of the bike course. First loop went well. It was a challenging ride, but manageable. The descent was crazy!!! I stopped at Stewart’s in town after loop one to refuel and use the bathroom and got right into loop two. I was averaging right about the same pace on the second loop until mile 90 or so when I got a flat tire. I changed it (all by myself). The other riders were awesome, I must have had 20 offers for help, but I wanted to do it on my own. I got back on the road and finished that loop. The climb back into town sucks! I was glad to finally get to Baby Bear! I met April (my sister) back at the hotel and we did a transition run. We then headed over to Mirror Lake for another swim with Kristin.

Sunday morning April, Kristin and I set out to run one loop of the marathon course. The weather was perfect all weekend. Then I headed home! What a whirlwind!


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