Posted by: stefanycritelli | June 12, 2011

Another PR!!

If you think like this you will believe it!

 So I decided to run an impromptu 5K last Friday night. Carol, Christal and I said what the heck, let’s do that 5K at NCCC. I needed to get in a recovery ride so I rode to the race, nice and easy 11 miles. There were only 80 runners or so, which was too bad because it was an awesome course and a great after-party. So I went into figuring I would just run how I felt. It was cool, so the weather was perfect for a run.

 The three of us started in the back of the group and listened to the race director explain the course. Then bam the gun went off and we were like oh we should probably start running! We joked with one another for a minute and then I started moving! I only looked at my Garmin for the mile splits.

Mile 1 – 8:58. I thought, “this is a possible PR if you kick it up!”

Mile 2 – 8:45. “Oh yeah, my best 5k to date is a 27:39, so I start to run the numbers in my head.”

Mile 3 – 8:23. “I see a 26: on the finish clock so I know if I kick up the finish I will clock a PR.”

Finish – 26:38/8:40 pace

Christal and Carol also had great finishing times, so it was definitely a success for all of us!

Very cool! It wasn’t even a scheduled training run or race. I felt fine, and had a great time hanging out after with Rich and Teena Clark and family.

Now I am excited and nervous about Lake Placid training camp this weekend! I can’t wait.


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