Posted by: stefanycritelli | June 10, 2011

Keuka Lake Triathlon

I know, it has been awhile since I posted, but I knew that would happen because I am bad at these things!

I am very psyched about the first tri of the season – Keuka Lake Intermediate on Sunday 6/5/2011. Let me start by saying it was an absolutely perfect day for a race as far as the weather goes. With all the rain and crappy weather we have been dealing with, this was a dream. OK, so maybe the water temperature could have been a little warmer, but 64 was manageable.

We drove up from Niagara Falls early Sunday morning. As a matter of fact, we were leaving the house at 3:15am and passed by a few local bars that were just closing! Carol and Rina decided to make the trek with Christal and I even though they were not racing – that’s true friendship:)

We got into Canandaigua by 5:00am so we stopped at DD to get coffee and pre-race breakfast. Perfect timing – 2 hours 45 minutes prior to start which is what was in my race plan. One hour pre-race I had my Luna bar and some Gatorade.

I am not going to lie…I was nervous as hell about this race for some reason! I think for a few reasons:

  • 1st tri of the season
  • Representing Train-This
  • Wanting to PR

Got in and out of transition to set up pretty quick, I always over-think this part because it seems too easy! One last trip to the bathroom and now the daunting task of applying (I mean putting on) the wet suit.


We went down to the swim start and I had my gel about 20 minutes prior to start. We actually started about 15 minutes late because of the State Troopers not being on the bike course yet. I didn’t get a warm-up swim in, so I was a little apprehensive about this but figured I would stick my face in when my wave goes down.

Calling all pink caps! That’s my wave! One last high-five and fist pump for luck from my girls and into the water I go. Believe it or not, this is where I start to relax a bit. I put my face in and think “not too bad”. I usually start way in the back but I decided to get right up towards the front and off to the right. Horn sounds and we are off. I got into the groove quickly and just swam. I felt strong and in a rhythm. The first half seemed to fly by, when we hit the bright green/yellow buoy which was the half I knew I would knock a few minutes off from last year. I did slow down on the 2nd half, not sure why but I think I lifted my head to sight far too much. I need to work on that. At no time did I feel cold or weak or any negative thoughts! When I rounded the turn to head to the dock I was smiling under water! I got out and walked up the stairs but then jogged into T1. i saw Carol and she said I was out in 40 which was 6 minutes off last year! By the time I hit the mat my actual time was 41:16.


Wet suit came off quick. Jersey, helmet, sunglasses on. Feet wiped, shoes on (sockless). Out of T1 in 2:43.


Great start coming out of the college. Was cruising and passing a few riders while settling in. Started drinking Power Bar Endurance bottle right away (Aero). The bike was smooth – great roads, no wind and temperature was just right. Did a gel after 15 minutes and one after 60 minutes. Drank about 36oz total of power drink. As we turned on Pepper Road, I remember the never-ending climb! With the new rear cassette, I had more options to climb with and I tried them all! It was good, stayed in the saddle most of the time. When we turned on Skyline for the last miles before the turn-around I got a burst of energy and just felt great. Once I made the turn around I was really pushing it. Last year I did the bike in 1:36 – 15.7mph. This year – 1:24 – 17.7mph! Coming into the campus I knew I had a good PR going and I was PSYCHED!


1:20! Rack it, helmet off, switch shoes, grab race belt and off I go!


The legs felt amazing! All those T-runs off the bike in training are paying off now. I ran my best ever here! It was getting hot, but I kept pushing. Took a couple of gulps of water and HEED at most of the aid stations and popped 3 margarita shot bloks through out the run. I only looked at the Garmin for each mile split. I figured I would let mile one guide me. Well, not only did it guide me it gave me the fire I needed!

Mile #1 – 9:03   Mile #2 – 9:19   Mile #3 – 8:57   Mile #4 – 9:31   Mile #5 – 8:57

Mile #6 – 8:58

Last year my run was 1:06/10:33 pace

This year 57:04/9:12 pace

I have to say it was an awesome race! It was definitely a great start to the season. Overall I took 26 minutes off of last year’s time, I’d say that’s a PR!!! I guess I set the bar for the 2011 Season and I look forward to every minute of it!



  1. Congrats on a great race!!

  2. way to go! outstanding athelete,outstanding writer,blogger, bring on laye placid. love mom

  3. sorry i spelled word wrong ,keep teacher on her toes love mom

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