Posted by: stefanycritelli | April 5, 2011

Counting Down…

So another week on the books! I am counting down for a number of reasons:

vFirst – Ironman Lake Placid – the vein of my existence lately!

vSecond – Spring Recess! I know, I know, teachers are so lucky we get all this time off! We are one of the few school districts that still have two weeks off for Spring Break and that means I have only 3 days left of school!

vThird – and right now most important – 3 days in sunny Puerta Vallarta, Mexico! Don’t worry about me and the unrest in Mexico – I don’t plan on leaving the pool resort!

vFourth – I think it’s a recovery week while in Mexico which means an easy morning swim or two and a few short recovery runs and rest and relaxationJ

vOh and with any luck when I get back from Mexico I will not have to do another 4 hour ride on the trainer!


Last week was another successful week of training. I am pleased again at how my tempo runs have been pacing out.


5×1 – kept rest interval to 2-2; 20 minutes walking

Mile 1 = 9:25 HR 156 (last time – 9:38)

Mile 2 = 9:10 HR 160 (last time – 9:17)

Mile 3 = 8:54 HR 164 (last time – 9:17)

Mile 4 = 8:48 HR 165 (last time – 9:07)

Mile 5 = 8:29 HR 169 (last time – 8:54)

Seriously!!! OMG!! I was syked:)

Overall the numbers looked like this:

Swim: 2:61 hours (6400 yards)

Bike: 7.95 hours (92.86 trainer miles & 3 spin classes)

Run: 4.73 hours (27.29 miles – all outside!)

Strength Training: (1:59 hours)

Total: 16:53 hours



  1. Nice tempo runs! Its so nice to see a gain!! Have fun in Mexico!

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