Posted by: stefanycritelli | March 20, 2011

End of a Good Week!



Today brings to a close my first tempo block of training this year. I have to say, I am very pleased with the outcome. Throughout the last three weeks, I have pushed myself more and accomplished to make forward progress. Isn’t that what it’s all about? I used to want to see results like “yesterday”, but I have since learned (or shall I say come to terms with) that major changes will not happen overnight and they require calculated action plans executed properly to become evident. While I may have days or training sessions that lack an obvious improvement of performance, overall, I am moving forward!

This block I was able to PR a race and put out some really good mile repeats. I actually ran 5×1 mile repeats this past week outside instead of the treadmill and put out times better than my Shamrock race PR! I also hit a  milestone on the bike-well not really, but I lasted four hours on the trainer in my basement! That was after a spin class and two-mile run too.

Today I got up at 4:30am and drove to Pittsford to do a long run with some of the Train-This team members. We all ran our own thing along the canal which was pretty cool. After that we met for the above team photo. It was great to get to meet some new team members. Oh, and I also got to view my swim video! That was exciting. There are a few things Mary pointed out that I should focus on, but overall I have good body position, now if I could only get a little faster! I know, I know, changes will happen. Actually, I have made some great improvement in my swim pace and more importantly, swim endurance.

I look forward to the week of recovery, especially because it brings me one week closer to my vacation!!!!

Training totals this week:

  • Swim: 2 hours 19 minutes = 5450 yards
  • Bike: 8 hours 26 minutes (including spin classes) = 92.75 trainer miles
  • Run: 5 hours 9 minutes = 26.82 miles


  1. Great Numbers!! You are rocking it!!

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