Posted by: stefanycritelli | March 12, 2011

Last Week

Just a weekly update! I guess if I am going to be a “blogger” I should actually post! Let me start with my weekend…

Friday I had a swim w/o after school that went well. My racing  jitters started Friday evening. I always get a little nervous before a race, but when I am approaching a race with a certain goal-albeit a set time, pace or PR, I must wear my nerves on my sleeve a little bit! I was told I was a bit grouchy Friday evening and during the ride to the race on Saturday morning! I wish I could say I would work on that, but quite honestly, that’s just how I roll! I guess I think that if I am not worried about it, I am not putting forth the effort I should.

So on to Saturday…

Did you know that it rained on Saturday? Or should I say, there were animals lining up 2×2 to get on the arc it rained so flippin much. Not to mention winds at 20-30mph. It is what it is I tell myself. One of my favorite quotes:

“You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust your sails.”

When I read my race plan on Friday evening I said to myself, “What, 9 minute miles? Does coach know who she wrote the plan for?” I actually e-mailed her to say “you have far more faith in me than I have in myself! She reassured me that I would PR regardless and that I would be able to run that pace if I was actually tapering for the race. That made me feel better(not as much pressure on me). So let me just skip to race morning…

I taught my spin class as usual – didn’t lay up as I thought I should! I did eat my breakfast prior to spin (which I don’t normally do) and also had another pre-race breakfast when I got home. So I was definitely fueled properly I think. We left the house and actually got a little lost when searching for a parking spot and I arrived at the start line literally two minutes before the gun went off! I didn’t have time to use the bathroom-and my bladder was FULL! So I set out and just started running, full bladder and all. Wind, rain and 3,000 people!

Mile 1: 9:36

Mile 2: 9:16

Mile 3: 9:38

Mile 4: 9:44

Mile 5: 9:22

Overall – 9:31 pace 47:39 finish time (2010-51:53)

I was 50/272 in my age group and 1543/3439 overall runners.

We enjoyed the rest of the day, drinks, laughs and fun with friends.

After a late start on Sunday, I rode my long ride on the trainer in my basement all by myself! I did however discover Books on CD and got through more than half of a 6 hour book.

3:42 – 65 miles – average pace 17.4mph

Total for last week: 14 hours 25 minutes

Swim – 2:14 – 5700 yards

Bike – 7:36 – Including spin classes

Run – 3:20 – 20.25 miles

That’s It-next week slightly more volume, I can’t wait!



  1. Great job Stef!! You are rocking it!! 🙂

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